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Angela Toker, RCH

As a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am here to guide you on a journey towards healing, self-discovery, and lasting positive change.

Angela Toker, RCH


For a long time, I grappled with depression and anxiety, relying heavily on medications to cope. Several years ago, I found myself in a particularly challenging place, enduring a breakdown of sorts.

While seeking help at a walk-in clinic in the town where I was working, a doctor handed me a list of therapists. Among them was a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. Always intrigued by the concept of hypnotherapy, I decided to give it a try. To make a long story short, after just five sessions, I managed to gradually discontinue my medication regimen and haven’t required any since.

Fast forward to the present, and I am a Clinic Hypnotherapist myself. My goal is to assist individuals grappling with issues similar to mine, as well as a wide range of other challenges.

Hypnotherapy can be the beacon of hope on your path to healing and self-discovery. With my help, you can experience a profound transformation. Anxiety and stress will become manageable, allowing you to regain control over your emotions and find peace amidst life’s challenges. Depression will no longer define your days, as you learn to reprogram negative thought patterns and build emotional resilience. 

Root Cause Therapy: Uncovering Lasting Solutions

My approach to hypnotherapy goes beyond surface-level symptom management. Root cause therapy is at the heart of what I do, aiming to unearth and address the underlying issues that contribute to your challenges. By identifying these fundamental causes, lasting transformation becomes possible, and you gain the tools needed to navigate life’s complexities with newfound strength and clarity.


Hypnotherapy helps you tap into the power of your subconscious mind, facilitating profound inner transformations that go beyond symptom alleviation.


Each session is tailored to your unique needs and goals, ensuring a highly personalized and effective therapeutic journey.


Hypnotherapy empowers you with practical tools and techniques to take control of your mental and emotional well-being, fostering self-reliance and resilience.


A holistic approach promotes not only the resolution of specific challenges but also an overall sense of well-being, enabling you to thrive in all aspects of life.

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Angela is a distinguished graduate of the Canadian Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy, certified by ARCH Canada, the prestigious body responsible for certifying hypnotherapists across Canada. This certification not only reflects her commitment to the highest standards of professional excellence but also assures you of her expertise in the field of hypnotherapy.

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Five Session Package

Are you tired of battling with persistent mental challenges like anxiety and depression? Ready to embark on a journey towards inner peace, emotional balance, and a brighter future? This Five-Session Hypnotherapy Package, now available through Zoom, is designed to help you achieve just that.

Personalized Approach:
Each session is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a holistic and effective transformation.
Experienced Guidance:
Led by a certified hypnotherapist with a passion for helping individuals achieve inner peace.
Proven Results:
Our clients have experienced life-changing improvements in their mental well-being, and you can too.
Lasting Change:
We’re not just addressing symptoms; we’re empowering you to make lasting, positive changes in your life.
Online Convenience:
Conducted via Zoom, you can experience the power of hypnotherapy from the comfort and privacy of your own space.


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